Fargo Pet Memorial



A wonderful way to remember that special furry friend. You can choose this or choose from any design you see on the sandstone magnet pages or the sandstone necklace pages. All of these designs can be used to customize your memorial.

Just let us know the design you choose the name and dates you would like on your stone in the add comments about your order section of the “delivery information” page while checking out. Or you can call and talk to me, Cathy White, directly 1-800-531-3650 or send us your requests through our contacts page.

Approx. size 8" x 11" x 1/4".

Your artwork may be hung on your wall, with the nail provided, or used with thestand that comes with each piece. A nail in a piece of drywall will support approximately 20 pounds. Our stone carvings weigh less than 8 pounds each. Just hammer the nail into the wall as if you were going to hang a picture (at approximately a 45 degree angle). Then pull the nail out as far as you can without removing it from the wall. Line the hole on the back of the rock up with the nail and push the rock onto the nail and towards the wall until it is flush with the wall. This ensures that the nail is all the way inside the hole on the rock. When removing the rock from the wall lift it upward to free it from the nail. Ron has taken great care to balance the stones so that they will hang accurately on the wall. To stand the piece just place the rod into the hole on the back. The artwork will be supported by the pressure created when leaning back on the rod. Description card and hanging instructions included.

The shape texture and color of each piece may vary from what is shown. Your piece may be slightly different in the style of carving and placement of the design depending on the shape of the stone and Ron’s fancy.


Ron White
Derived From Nature

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